Southern Bus-Terminal Sai-Tai-Mai (inside view)

The southern bus-terminal is your gateway to the south. To say it in a better way – to the west-southern areas like Phuket or Hat-Yai.

The south-eastern destinations like Trat or Pattaya are served from Ekkamai, and not from this Terminal.
You can download GPS-Data via click on the download-link, below the map.

This bus-terminal has been transferred from a shopping-mall into a bus-terminal. A kind of mixture, as you can see in the following photos. The original name was “SC Plaza”, which might help you in finding this building in Bangkok.

Here we see the main-entrance of “Bor-Kor-Sor Sai-Tai-Mai” aka southern bus-terminal aka SC Plaza.

You can see, that this building served as a shopping-mall – before it’s life as a busterminal. For bus-tickets and the departure-level you have to turn right. Follow the signs.

If you want go directly to the ticket-booths to buy a ticket for your trip to southern Thailand, you have to go up the escelator.

After we arrived at the first floor, we are turning right again to our ticket counters.

Oops … again some shops. Well – at least you have something to do, while waiting for the bus-departure.

Here we are. After we passed endless shops, we finally arrive at a long row of ticket booths.

It is important to know, that each ticket-counter does not stay for one destination.

Oh no – one counter is rented out to one bus-company. So it can easily be, that you find your destination advertised at many booths.

My favorite busses are the VIP-24 busses. They are a little bit more expensive, but for that you get a much more comfortable seat and only 3 seats in one row guarantee you a relaxed lift to your destination in south Thailand.

Do not forget, that this trips are around 12 hours long.

This company is one of my very favorites. The-Transport-Co-LTD Bus-Company.

They serve nearly all destinations in Thailand and as I said before. Try to get a VIP-24-Bus for enhanced comfort.

“Please show us your ticket”. Guards are protecting the so called “Safety Zone”, which you can only enter, if you show them your ticket.

This will not prevent you from being robbed – but at least, it has to be a fellow-traveller to do this job.

The next photo shows the “non-secure” waiting-hall.

Here, all the standard-busses (Non-VIP) are located. This busses sometimes are serving identically routes, but as they stop at “every milk-can”, as we say … your trip will be cheaper – but take a longer period of time.

You can buy tickets in front of the bus, where you see the tables and conductor-girls sitting. If there is not enough time to buy a ticket, don’t panic. In this busses you can also pay inside the vehicle. Have small money available.

In the standard waiting-hall you can buy some snacks and even DVD’s. Take care, it might not always be an Original-Copy, that you pay your money for.

If you are arriving at the southern bus-terminal and want to take a public-bus into the city, you have to leave the building and walk to the other side of the big road (in front of the terminal).

Nearby you will find a pedestrian-overpass and hopefully your luggage is not too heavy for a walk in the hot weather of Bangkok.

When you reached the other side of the bridge, and you see a nearby bus-stop where you can wait for your Bangkok-City connection.


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  1. Bhupesh Kotkar September 11, 2014 at 02:43 #

    I am planning to book a night bus to Phuket from Sai Tai bus terminal and would like to know if Sai Tai bus terminal has any left luggage service for 1 day.


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